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The Science

What better way to learn about the benefits of a product than science right!!!!  Well here's some sciencey stuff by sciency people.  It's gotta be good for ya!

Taurine supplementation and it's effects on type 1 diabetes

Enhancing Athletic Performance

The effects of combining L-Theanine and Caffeine

The effects of 6 days of Alpha GPC on power output


Aging Of The Brain and Body

Alpha GPC and Alzheimers

The Science of DMAE - Perricone MD

Mental Health

 L-Theanine Reduces Symptomes of Anxiety - Psychology Today



Our Kimera Kacao booster powder contains 100% raw cacao, ceylon cinnamon and 1.5grams of L-Glutamine.  Why is this stuff the bees knees?  Check out the articles below!

The glycaemic outcomes of cinnamon in improving glycaemic targets.

Cinnamon in glycaemic control