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Customer Reviews

"Kimera coffee is the tastiest and smoothest coffee I have ever had the pleasure of drinking. It has a creamy yet strong flavour that makes it so fulfilling to sip and I love how it starts my morning by clearing my head and ramping up my energy. Being a person that is strongly passionate about my fitness I feel that using this nutritious product is definitely an aid in helping me achieve my training goals."

Mark Norris

"Kimera Koffee is honestly, the best coffee I have EVER come across and I have been searching for a long time. Every time I have it, every person I give a try, absolutely loves it.
There are a few coffees you can buy with absurd amounts of caffeine, which I'm sure would wake you up but Kimera Koffee does everything and never too much of anything. My mood, attitude, anxiety and energy levels are all great. The science behind the amino acids added to Kimera Koffee is solid and proven.
Smart Coffee NZ have also been VERY helpful with my orders and have brought this amazing coffee to New Zealand.
Buy this Koffee now!"

Samuel Harris


"I was so excited to try this.. after having worked as a barista previously I’ve had my fair share of coffee, I never ‘got it’ as far as people saying I ‘need’ coffee and that it makes them happy. So i figured maybe I’m just drinking the wrong coffee, I’ve always been a milk with two kinda guy, but with this stuff even with no milk or sugar I’m enjoying it. I feel I’m getting everything I want from one cup per day rather than the 3 or four that I was having, and the no sugar has always been my downfall. 
So thank you. Loving it! "

Rick Riri


"I'm a software developer who limits himself to one coffee a day, and this stuff is amazing! My morning coffee is all about slogging through the annoying early morning emails and admin so I can get on to actual productive work asap. Without coffee it's a drag, with coffee it's bearable - but with a cup of this coffee every morning I just blast through all that stuff, it's a breeze. This is the best damn coffee to drink for focus and productivity boost. If you're limiting your intake to one or two cups a day, it's even more worth it as you'll be getting the absolute most out of what you're drinking. Tastes great too! 10/10 highly recommend!"

Daniel Schealler


"My husband and I ordered the samples of Smart Coffee and then it turned into a purchase of a full bag as a birthday present! Feel good coffee that tastes amazing. Strong and dark, and gives us so much energy to get through our busy days. We both don't crave another coffee during the day, it keeps us going and it is enough as is! Morning coffee must!"

Tim & Amy McKenna


"My Wife and I came across Kimera coffee at the Chocolate and Coffee show in Auckland this year. We have two kids who hate coffee is very important to us!! Impressed by both the taste and the ingredients we bought a packet of each type and started drinking it the next morning. We both drink black coffee and we really love the taste of this - it’s a very smooth taste. We also noticed we didn’t have the same caffeine highs and lows during the day - it seemed to give us more even energy throughout the morning and we could go longer before we needed our second cup of coffee for the day! We definitely notice a big difference in both taste and how we feel when we drink regular coffee now! Really love this stuff!!"

David Chiang


"I used to feel sluggish and tired throughout the day and crave a coffee.  I would drink 3 coffees a day.  Since I started using smart coffee I only have one in the morning and it lasts me all day.  I don't get tired in the afternoon anymore either.  Love the stuff and highly reccomend!!"

Sarah Huntley


"It wasn’t all that long ago that I would drink only instant coffee. Cheap and nasty with milk and sugar to combat the taste. All I cared about was getting caffeine.Since purchasing my first bag of Kimera Koffee there is no going back haha. The taste is incredible. I don’t need any milk or sugar to try mask it. Strong, dark and hot and it’s perfect. It gets me going before an early morning  shift at work and keeps me going through to my after work workout!"

Zac Conroy


"Smart coffee review - I have been feeling quite tired over the last few months with how busy things are especially with a little active toddler so I wanted to find a product that would make me feel more energised but not have me holding my nose trying to gulp it down!!! I am a big coffee drinker and to be honest the regular stuff is okay but wasn’t really cutting it!!! I did some google searching and came across smart coffee and I did some research and really liked the sound of what was in it!!! I especially like the stress benefits!!! The packaging is nice and secures the product well, it was fresh and easy to make!!! I loved how the smart coffee actually taste like coffee and my friends agreed. It was smooth and worked well with my coconut milk. After drinking it I felt energised and was able to focus more throughout my day. I have brought a plunger for work too!! I would love to keep going with the coffee to see how things go for me so far so good!!! Thanks guys ☕️"

Shannon Moloney


"Highly highly recommend this coffee over any other I’ve tried!!! I recently had my 4th child and also breastfeeding so glad it’s safe for that... Kimera coffee has a made a huge difference in my energy levels, especially after waking a few times a night for bubs! Having energy that is long lasting is rare in motherhood but man this stuff tops it by far!!! (And I’m not as moody:-))"

Angela Jalava


"Firstly it tastes great!! Smooth and rich so winning already. Also I have found that I can cut down from several other coffees in the morning as Smart Coffee keeps me powering through."

Trent Emery